1. (Music, archaic) the burden or bass of a melody
    • 1985: The earth tremors resumed and made a bourdon to the loud psalms that they sang, interspersed with the odd ode of Horace recited by Silas. — Anthony Burgess, Kingdom of the Wicked
  2. the drone pipe of a bagpipe
  3. the lowest-pitched stop of an organ
  4. the lowest-pitched of a peal of bells

7 letters in word "bourdon": B D N O O R U.

No anagrams for bourdon found in this word list.

Words found within bourdon:

bo bod bon bond boo boon boor boord bor bord born boron boun bound bourd bourn bro brod brond broo brood bud budo bun bund bur burd burn buroo do dob dobro don donor doo doob door doorn dor dour drub dub dun duo durn duro no nob nod noo nor nu nub nur nurd ob obo od odor odour on oo oon oor or orb ord ordo ou oud our ourn rob rod rondo roo rood roon round rub rud run rund udo un undo ur urb urd urn